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Windows network data protection manager records USB mass storage devices activity logger prevent unofficial data transferred

USB Data Protection Tool for Windows Network

Advanced USB data protection tool for windows network is extremely useful and intelligent monitoring software that shows exactly the USB device (plug-in and plug-out) activities of your employee’s and other users in real time. Enhanced USB port activities tracking utility provides complete details of insertion and removal time of USB mass storage devices on windows network which helps you to know what your clients are doing when they are supposed to work.

Powerful USB port disabler utility restricts unauthorized access of confidential information or copying your important data from your PC by disabling usb i/o ports.

Major Advantages:

  • The main advantage of network monitoring software is a single Administrator's workplace where all the activities of multiple clients USB device activities are traced and recorded on any Windows LAN network.
  • Silent installation and invisible running make it undetected from client machine hence no one can detect that his activities are being recorded on the server.
  • Effective USB data privacy controller for windows network allows user to keep track of plug-in and plug-out activities of USB mass storage devices on computer system and saves useful monitoring log details for further analysis.

USB data protection tool for windows network

USB data protection tool for windows network

Unmatched usb drive hardware monitoring tool is a unique software program designed to capture detailed and comprehensive information about the employee’s activities even when the network is unplugged which helps in increasing the productivity of organization in exceptional manner.

Anti data theft monitoring software supports all USB mass storage devices like USB Memory card, Pen drive, Digital camera, External hard drives and other similar mass storage devices.

Centralized Monitoring

USB mass storage device activities performed on client’s machine are centrally monitored and recorded by administrator on server. USB drive tracking utility provides plug-in and plug-out activities of user system to restrict leakage of crucial data of any organization.

Monitor Multiple Clients Simultaneously

System USB monitor utility for any client PC is capable to monitor USB port activities of multiple clients machine on any windows network simultaneously and easily set the USB drive access and permission settings to restrict the unauthorized usage of any USB port on selected client machine.

Provide Network USB Device Information

  • Insertion or removal status of USB drive along with date and time
  • Name and IP address of specified client’s PC
  • Name of USB drive, hardware ID and capacity of USB device
  • Date and time details when information received to the server

Secure and Undetectable

Highly secure USB device activity monitoring tool works in invisible mode and silently monitors the activities of your employees in background. Monitoring tool can never be detected by clients hence administrator can easily record the activities without getting known by workers.